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Tips on Caring for Reed Diffusers and Keeping them in Top Condition

Reed Diffuser Care

Reed diffusers are a great way to infuse your home with natural essential oils and create a relaxing atmosphere. Not only do they look beautiful, but they can also last for months without needing any attention. To get the most out of your reed diffuser, it is important to understand how they work and how you should use them correctly. In this article, we will discuss essential tips on using essential oil reed diffusers, caring for the reeds so that they last longer and ways to display them in various areas of the home. So if you want to ensure that your reed diffuser lasts as long as possible while providing maximum scent throw, read on!

Where to place the reed diffuser

The first step to maximising the effectiveness of your diffusers is assessing both room size and ideal placement in that space. When selecting a diffuser bottle, consider the size of your room and how powerful you’d like the scent throw to be. If it is a small to medium-sized area, use an appropriately sized container – whereas for larger spaces, opt for bigger bottles to obtain that desired aromatic ambience. Otherwise, when placing a diffuser in a smaller room, you can choose one with a lower-intensity scent and, if possible, keep the door closed while in use. For larger spaces, you may need to use multiple diffusers spaced evenly throughout the room to achieve the desired level of scent throw.

Where NOT to place reed diffuser

Reed diffusers should be placed away from direct heat or drafts, as these can cause the aroma to evaporate quickly. Additionally, essential oil diffusers (or any sort of diffuser) should not be placed in direct sunlight as this may cause the aroma oils to deteriorate, separate and lose their potency. If you’re not pleased with the scent throw of your reed diffuser, simply place them in more bustling areas; this will generate light drafts that improve evaporation and, consequently, release a stronger aroma.

In the beginning

In order to ensure that the rattan reeds in your diffuser are adequately saturated, allow them time to soak thoroughly until they appear “wet” and their colour changes. The amount of time this process takes may range from a couple of hours up to 24 hours, depending on factors such as temperature, airflow, and more in the room. Instantly, you should be able to smell the aroma of your reed diffuser; however, don’t worry if you can’t – it just needs more time for the reeds to soak up completely.

Rattan reeds care

Rattan Reeds come in variety of widths, but most popular ones span from 3mm to 6mm. Width of rattan reeds is import, because oil soak and scent throw depends on both length and width of the reed. During our tests, we found that best width for our natural reed diffusers is 5mm. Therefore for a more subtle aroma, start with a small number of rattan reeds (3-4) in your diffuser if it’s in a small space. This will result in a medium scent throw. For an even stronger aroma and diffusion, add 5-6 reeds to the bottle. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the intensity of your diffuser at any point, simply reduce the number of rattan reeds inside for desired results! Now, if the aroma is still too faint for your liking, you can flip reeds more often: from once a month to weekly or even sooner. Take care not to spill the oil while flipping them.

In the end

Unfortunately, rattan reeds don’t last forever. Because of the nature of rattan reeds, dust and other contaminants can partly or wholly clog the reeds. Therefore, you will notice a drop in scent diffusion. So if this occurs, simply replace the old reeds with new reeds. This will help keep your essential oil diffuser in top condition for longer. Follow these simple tips above to get the most out of your new rattan reeds.

Reed diffusers are a wonderful addition to any home, and natural diffusers made with essential oils can provide an even better experience. However, proper care and maintenance are needed to maximise the natural reed diffuser’s efficiency and ensure a long-lasting experience. This includes correctly selecting the right diffuser size, managing scent throw in the room, properly placing reeds and caring for them on a regular basis. With these tips, you can enjoy your essential oil diffuser to its fullest potential!

Happy diffusing! 🙂

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