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Natural Reed Diffusers

Handmade, Luxurious and Eco-Friendly

Looking for a safer and natural way to enjoy beautiful fragrances in your home? Snug Scent has you covered! Our natural reed diffusers are handmade using natural aroma oils and a naturally derived diffuser base, so you can be confident knowing that there are no synthetic fragrances in your diffuser.

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Our diffusers come in two styles: in a reusable apothecary glass bottle and in a minimalistic amber bottle, which can also work as a diffuser refill. Complimented with natural rattan reeds, our diffusers will bring you joy for the months to come.

Not only are our natural reed diffusers safer and eco-friendlier, they're also incredibly easy to use. Just insert the reeds into the bottle of diffuser oil and enjoy the lovely fragrance as it gently disperses into the air.

Snug Scent reed diffusers are vegan, non-toxic and handmade with natural essential oils, so they are perfect for aromatherapy!

Handmade, Natural, Alcohol-free, Vegan and Cruelty-free

Every single natural reed diffuser is hand-poured using a naturally derived diffuser base and pure essential oils, which guarantees a clean, fresh and controlled scent throw for up to 4 months. Our reed diffuser base is considered to be one of the most eco-friendly bases you can get on the market, and it's certified by The Vegan Society!

We carefully select our suppliers to ensure they can provide vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly diffuser base and essential oils, making these reed diffusers excellent for eco-conscious customers, friends or family members looking for an eco-friendly approach to home scents.

Not like other air fresheners, all of our natural reed diffusers are made using the highest quality essential oils, ensuring quality and freshness. When making our diffusers we do not use alcohol, mineral oils, petroleum-based fragrance oils, dyes or glitters because we want to keep them as pure as possible. Also, we believe that additions like that do not improve the quality or appearance.

How to use Snug Scent Reed Diffusers?

Shake the diffuser bottle before use. Place the desired number of reeds into the diffuser bottle and allow them to soak.

How many reeds should I put into the reed diffuser?

If you are planning to place your natural reed diffuser in a small room, or if you prefer a subtler scent, start by adding fewer rattan reeds. For a medium scent throw, begin with 3-4 reeds. For a more intense aroma, place 5-6 reeds. If, at some point, you will find that your diffuser is diffusing too quick or the scent is too strong, simply reduce the number of reeds in the bottle.

Flip the reeds to freshen the fragrance once a week to ensure the reeds do not become oversaturated with essential oils and dust. For a stronger scent, turn the reeds daily. Take care not to spill the oil while flipping them.

Unfortunately, reeds don't last forever...

Because of the nature of rattan reeds, dust and other contaminants in the air, reeds can partly or fully clog. Therefore you will notice a drop in fragrance diffusion. If you suspect your reeds have become clogged, simply replace the old reeds with new ones and continue enjoying the scent. If you suspect your reeds got clogged, you can get 6 x 5mm Natural Rattan Reeds for Reed Diffusers directly from Snug Scent.

Natural nature

Due to the nature of pure essential oils, you might see tiny particles of plants in the diffuser oil, rest assured, those do not impact the quality and only show that natural oils were used when making these diffusers.

Scent throw time and strength

Depending on the size and number of reeds and the room's climate (temperature, humidity) - 100ml can last up to 4 months.

Sensitivity to scents is different. Therefore we formulated natural reed diffusers with such an amount of essential oils that are not too strong for an average sensitivity. If the scent is not strong enough, you can try adding more reeds.

Our senses adjust to the scents very fast, so it might seem that the reed diffuser has lost its aroma. Try leaving the room for some time and then get back in it. If you can smell the aroma again - continue using the same amount of reeds.

Read more about how to get the most out of your natural reed diffuser in our Reed Diffuser Care guide.

Sustainable Packaging

Snug Scent reed diffusers come in a reusable/recyclable apothecary glass bottle with a plastic lid and ribbon to prevent leakages. Sealed reed diffuser and natural rattan reeds are then packed into recyclable paper packaging.

Shipping packaging depends on the order, but you can expect your reed diffuser to arrive surrounded by biodegradable corn puffs and/or shredded paper.

Staying safe when using reed diffusers

Even though reed diffusers might look harmless, but they can cause risks when misused. Please read our Reed Diffuser Safety instructions before using your reed diffuser.