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Natural Room Sprays

Handmade, Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Do you love using room sprays but can't find a natural air freshener? Our natural room sprays are hand-poured using natural ingredients, including our proprietary water-based base formula and pure essential oils. Rest assured knowing that our room sprays provide clean, fresh, non-toxic and natural scent for your space.

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What's so special about Snug Scent Natural Room Mists?

Our sprays are formulated and hand-poured in-house in small batches with the same quality ingredients used in natural cosmetic formulations. There's nothing similar and as natural as these room sprays on the market! These sprays offer all the eco-friendly and aromatic properties you seek: non-aerosol, and free from chemicals and other VOCs. Not only do they guarantee a non-toxic ambience, but they can also provide a refreshing and calming experience.

Handmade, Natural, Vegan and Cruelty-free

Every single natural room spray is hand-poured using a natural or naturally derived ingredients and pure essential oils, which guarantees a clean, fresh and controlled scent throw. One bottle holds up to 800 spritzes!

Not like other air fresheners, all of our natural room sprays are made using the highest quality essential oils, ensuring quality and freshness. When making our room mists, we use organic grain alcohol, mineral oils, petroleum-based fragrance oils, dyes or glitters because we want to keep them as pure as possible. Also, we believe that additions like that do not improve the quality or appearance.

All ingredients to make our scented natural room mist are environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethically sourced, which means that they have been sourced from suppliers who adhere to sustainability, fair working conditions and wages.

How to use our Natural Room Spray?

It's simple and effective! Shake well before use to mix the natural aromas, and then gently mist the air to release the fragrances. Spray generously into the air, depending on the desired scent strength. But be cautious: do not spray directly onto furnishings, open flames, or other heat sources, and avoid spraying directly onto fabrics or surfaces, as they may become marked. Enjoy a clean, fresh, and non-toxic ambience with just a few spritzes!

Natural nature

Due to the nature of pure essential oils, you might see tiny particles of plants in the room mist, rest assured, those do not impact the quality and only show that natural oils were used when making these sprays.

Sustainable Packaging

Snug Scent air fresheners come in a reusable/recyclable apothecary glass bottle with a plastic spray nozzle and cap. Sealed sprays are then packed into recyclable paper packaging.

Shipping packaging depends on the order, but you can expect your natural room mist to arrive surrounded by biodegradable corn puffs and/or shredded paper.

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