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Wax Melts Burners
Wax Melts Burners

Wax Melts Burners - For Any House Style

Looking for a unique way to enjoy your favourite scents? Our range of stylish wax melts burners are perfect for burning wax melts and releasing their wonderful fragrance into your home. Whether you want to add a touch of luxury to your living room or create a relaxing ambience in your bedroom, our wax melt burners are a perfect choice. With a range of designs to suit any taste, you’re sure to find the perfect burner for your home.

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How to use our wax melts burners?

Make sure that the dish of wax melts burner is nice and clean. Place your wax melts in the dish, light the tea light candle underneath, and enjoy the amazing scents as they fill the room!

Start with 1 soy wax melt and allow it to soften, releasing that lovely aroma around your home. If the scent is not strong enough, keep adding more wax melts until desired strength of scent is achieved. Be careful not to overfill the dish.

Sustainable Packaging

Every single wax melts burner comes in a reusable/recyclable craft paper box. Shipping packaging depends on the order, but you can expect your wax melts burner to arrive surrounded by biodegradable corn puffs and/or shredded paper.