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Wax Melts Burner Sets

A Perfect Natural Gift

Snug Scent Wax Melts Sets feature our exclusive Natural Wax Melts, a chic Wax Burner, and Tealights. Our burner sets aren't just ordinary; they are an invitation to a sensory exploration through the rich world of natural aromatherapy. Simply pick your favourite melter set, and get ready for an aromatic adventure that lifts your spirits and sets a comforting ambience.

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Are you an aroma lover looking for a stylish accessory for your home? Or maybe you are searching for a Gift? Look no more. Start enjoying the light and the scents with one of our wax melts burner sets!

Buying Wax Melts Set As A Gift?

Our Burner Gift Sets are more than just a present; they're an instant delight. Each set is wrapped with care, ensuring a charming unboxing experience straight from the shipping box. It's a special moment, made just for your recipient. Looking to elevate your gift box's charm even more? Opt for our special gift boxing service. We'll gently tuck your items in delicate tissue paper and bind everything together with a pristine white cotton ribbon.

Add a unique touch to your Wax Melts Gift Set with a personalized greeting card. Simply select "Buying as a Gift" at checkout and share your message. We'll make sure your sentiments are elegantly conveyed, making your gift an aromatic note of your thoughtfulness.

How to use our wax melt sets?

Simply place your wax melt into the dish, light the tea light candle underneath, and enjoy the amazing fragrance as it fills the room! Start with 1 soy wax melt and allow it to melt, releasing that lovely aroma around your home. If the scent is not strong enough, keep adding more wax melts until desired strength of scent is achieved. Be careful not to overfill the dish.

Sustainable Packaging

Every single wax melt gift set is packed without plastic. Instead, we use reusable/recyclable paper shipping boxes that are sealed using eco-friendly paper tape.

Shipping packaging depends on the order, but you can expect your gift boxes to arrive surrounded by biodegradable corn puffs and/or shredded paper.