Wax melts are candles just without the wicks. It is another way to make you feel cosy, and your home smell good. Our wax melts are hand-made and hand-poured using 100% soy wax and natural essential oils. Like candles, wax melts need some love and care from you to get the best possible experience out of them. We have gathered some wax melts care tips and tricks below.

The wax melts care guide

  1. Take care of your wax melts by storing them in a sealed containerat a temperature below 25°C. Also, consider a dry place and which is away from direct sunlight. The right environment will prevent your wax melts from softening, melting and losing their colour and scents.
  2. If you haven’t consumed all fragrance in your melt, you can reuse it. First of all,cool down the wax in the burner/melter until it solidifies. Then, take out the wax by gently tapping the sides of the burner while wearing protective gloves. The wax should pop out easily. If not – light the tea light or switch on the electrical wax melter and wait until the wax tart slightly softens. Finally, extinguish the tea light or switch off melter, remove the wax tart and use kitchen towels to remove any remaining wax. Besides, put the solidified wax back in the container or seal it in some other way.
  3. If you are using your wax melts in a bigger room or prefer a more pungent scent, pop in 2 or more wax melts to your wax burner/melter. Also, please make sure that liquid wax won’t pour over the bowl’s sides.

To make sure that wax melts are being used safely, please read our Wax Melts Safety Guidelines.

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