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Relieving Essential Oil Blend

Relieving essential oil blend relieves tension and helps promote sleep. It is great for relieving headaches, stress and anxiety, digestive issues such as upset stomachs, vomiting or diarrhoea. Relieving essential oil blend contains Sweet Orange, Lavender, Geranium, Ylang-Ylang and Myrrh essential oils which are known to have a relaxing effect on the body.

Sweet Orange essential oil

Sweet Orange essential oil is known for relieving tension, lack of energy and exhaustion. In addition, It is also known to be beneficial for relieving anxiety and depression. [1, 2, 3, 4]

Lavender essential oil

The anti-inflammatory properties of lavender essential oil are often recommended for relieving headaches due to fever, hangovers or migraines. In addition, lavender relieves stress and anxiety, reduces restlessness, nervousness or irritation in the body, therefore it’s one of the best essential oils to increase the quality of sleep. You can find more information about Lavender oil in our article Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil. [5, 6, 7]

Geranium essential oil

The geranium essential oil can help to relieve tension, reduce stress and alleviate the depressive mood. It’s great for relieving lack of energy, exhaustion or migraine headaches. Because of its sedative benefits, Geranium essential oil helps treat insomnia as well. [8, 9]

Ylang-ylang essential oil

This sensual essential oil has mild euphoric effects that can give you a sense of The sweet fragrance of Ylang-Ylang essential oil can help to relax both mind and body, and promote sleep. Also, It can help relieve stress, feelings of anxiety and depression due to emotional turmoil like grief after a loss. [10, 11]

Myrrh essential oil

Myrrh is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, relieving pain on muscles or joints caused by arthritis or rheumatism as well as relieving muscle spasms that can occur with these conditions. [12, 13, 14]

A lot of benefits

Snug Scent candles, reed diffusers and wax melts with relieving essential oil blend can help to alleviate stress, promote relaxation and a night of restful sleep after relieving tension and stress throughout the day.

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