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White Sage & Rosemary Smudging Kit with Real Marble Dish

Harnessing the purification power of white sage and the protective aura of rosemary, this smudge stick not only emits a woody fragrance but also promotes feminine energy and wards off negativity.

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  • Kit includes smudge stick, safety matches and natural marble dish
  • 100% Natural and plastic-free
  • No added perfumes or synthetic fragrances
  • Ethically and Responsibly Sourced smudge stick
  • Hand-packed in small batches in Kent, UK

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More about this White Sage & Rosemary Smudging Set

Bringing a bit of the outdoors in, our White Sage & Rosemary Smudging Kit is perfect for giving your home that fresh, natural feeling. The sweet smell of rosemary mixed with the woodsy scent of sage is perfect for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to get rid of pesky negative energy or just want to relax after a long day, this kit has everything you need to get started.

Tri-oval shape real marble dish come in shades of grey and black, but because every stone dish is unique, it can vary in shades slightly.

Please note: This set does not include a ribbon unless it is accompanied by a gift boxing service.

Starting your aromatherapy journey and experiencing the soothing power of essential oils is as easy as 1... 2... 3...

Safety Information

Never leave a burning or smoking smudge stick unattended. Do not use smudge stick on or near anything that can catch fire. Use smudge stick out of reach of children and pets. Do not place smudge stick in a draught. Never use liquid to extinguish a smudge stick. Do not move smudge stick while it's in use. Do not place smudge stick near a source of heat. Always use an appropriate dish or holder. The heat from the smudge stick can damage surface, ensure that the smudge stick dish is on heat resistant surface or padding.

1 review for White Sage & Rosemary Smudging Kit with Real Marble Dish

  1. Debs

    I am so pleased that I found this Site. I love the company ethics and it’s clear that so much care is put into all of their products. Great to give as gifts too. Another winner!

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