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1st Grade Palo Santo Sticks

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Often called ‘Holy Wood’, Palo Santo is renowned for its rich, sweet scent and is used after cleansing ritual with White Sage. Palo Santo Wood Sticks are used in smudging to usher positivity, heal emotional turmoil, and encourage relaxation.


  • 1st grade and 100% Natural and plastic-free
  • Ethically and Responsibly Sourced Palo Santo Wood
  • No added perfumes or synthetic fragrances
  • Hand-packed in small batches in Kent, UK

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Palo Santo Wood

Cleansing and purifying your home has never been easier with these Palo Santo Sticks. With just a simple light of the flame, your home will be filled with the sweet and woody scents of the outdoors. Purge yourself and your environment of any negative energy or feelings, and invite in only positive vibes with this natural wood.

5 sticks (~40g) are approximately ~100mm in length.

Starting your aromatherapy journey and experiencing the soothing power of essential oils is as easy as 1... 2... 3...

Palo Santo Wood Sticks

The product contains 5 sticks (~40 grams) - one stick is approximately 100mm in length.

Palo Santo smudge stick is the perfect way to clear negative energy and promote healing in your home. The sweet, earthy scent will also attract positive energy, creativity, cleansing and spiritual enlightenment. Burn the wood and allow the smoke to cleanse your space of any bad vibes. These ethically-sourced Palo Santo Wood is made from only the wood of branches that had fallen naturally from the trees.

How to use Palo Santo Stick?

  1. Open a few windows and doors to help any smoke escape easily.
  2. Light up your stick over the dish or bowl until a small flame has caught.
  3. Gently tap with the palo santo stick into the dish or bowl to extinguish the flame (aim the stick so that the part that is on fire touches the bowl).
  4. Let it smoke for a while.
  5. When you are done, simply tap multiple times into the bowl to extinguish the sage stick completely.
  6. Before leaving the stick alone, please make sure, that there are no smokes and the ember is no longer glowing.

Charcoal can be used for more intense smoking, but a deep, heat resistant bowl or fireplace is necessary.

Sustainable packaging

At Snug Scent, we're committed to sustainable, eco-friendly practices. Therefore, our palo santo wood come in a recyclable/biodegradable box with recycled paper filling. The sage is biodegradable, so please dispose of them with general waste and paper box and filling please recycle with paper.

Safety Information

Never leave a burning or smoking stick unattended. Do not use stick on or near anything that can catch fire. Use stick out of reach of children and pets. Do not place stick in a draught. Never use liquid to extinguish a stick. Do not move stick while it's in use. Do not place stick near a source of heat. Always use an appropriate dish or holder. The heat from the stick can damage surface, ensure that the stick dish is on heat resistant surface or padding.

3 reviews for 1st Grade Palo Santo Sticks

  1. Michelle beckerton (verified owner)

    These sticks smell Devine. Again… perfect for when I’m relaxing in the bath

  2. Jane Houghton (verified owner)

    Fabulous scent. Love it

  3. Shai

    I’m very happy with my purchase which arrived quickly packed beautifully.
    Many thanks

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